Okay, so I got the bath tub delivered and now I am just waiting on a quote for an electrician and a plumber to install it now.

I just started smoking 0ml nicotine vape liquids and I literally got the only 12 pack I could find on Amazon that was same or net day deliver for £11.99 inc. the delivery. Amazon is absolutely worth it, Prime for £7.99 a month is totally worth it for all the benefits of next day delivery that you get, you don’t notice the cost of delivery on most items because it’s inclusive of your £7.99 a month membership

Oh the plumber came back to me regarding the installation of the Jacuzzi bath and I’m totally impressed, a mere £265 to have the tub installed, that’s including removal of the old tub, moving the radiator slightltly to the right and fitting the pipes and new tub, as well as including the installation of the electrical wiring which is simply drilling a hole through the wall into the room next door and wiring it into the plug which is already there and in the perfect location as it’s literally right beside where the wiring would come in from the tub, same height and everything! So impressed I am yes..

However my landlady is currently in consideration about whether to pay for it to be installed or not, I’ve explained for £265 it’s worth it, I’ve already paid for the Jacuzzi bath anyway and I’ve paid for it to be transported from Fife, which by the way an excellent quote as well via the online shipping quotation service – Shiply – www.shiply.com where an excellent driver from Leith Couriers transported the Jacuzzi bath 70 miles for only £47, £7 paid direct to Shiply and the remainder we agreed cash, which of course I tipped the driver an extra £20 or 33%, come on! You can’t expect someone to transport a heavy and large object that must have taken up half the van, less than £0.50 per mile and not make it worth the effort! I didn’t tell the driver but I wanted it taken up the stairs as well and he didn’t even compain or question it upon arrival, so yeah well worth the time and effort so far.

Oh but yeah so my landlady is thinking it over, I’ve offered in exchange for a small reduction on the rent, say £100 a month for 3 months or £150 a month for 2 months for example, which would cover it I have said I will pay upfront for the cost of the installation so no hassle (Although I would recommend for the landlady that any electrical work be undertaken only by a professional – Which it will be for me but if this was another situation and someone did try it themselves, espetially as it’s in the bathroom and mixing electrics with water and only fucking idiot nwould have the bright idea to do this themselves – DONT TRY THIS YOURSELF – Get a professional and get a quote first, they check things like where power can come in, is the socket connected to an RCD at the fuse box – is it going to be viably safe etc., oh but on my original point as well as this, the landlady/lord really wants to have a receipt of work done to the property for all insurative purposes or so I’d think anyway).

Oh and yeah but yeah back onto my deal – So I basically offered upfront to pay the installation cost, I’ll cover the cost of the Jacuzzi bath and I’ll also pay the cost of the transport which was nearly as much as the Jacuzzi bath! Although incredibly low still and worth it for the courtious and fast service! In exchange for a small amount off the rent, which helps me balance my cash flow and in exchange I will get use of the tub while I’m here and my Landlady will get a little extra value every month for residual income that would be charged on the rent (for next tenent rofl) for the luxury of having a property with a mint Jacuzzi bath.

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