I had a dream last night where I found a network port on my 3D printer except that it was labelled RJ45 but was an RJ11 socket and all I had was an Apple lightning charger cable so I really don’t know what I was meant to do with this setup, I literally just remembered because I thought ‘how great would it be to be able to monitor my 3D prints over the network?’ and then I totally realised for a second that I could do it… but not with this model, not even in my dream lol.

So what does this mean? I don’t know but clearly everything in the situation can’t fit and hence correctly fitting connections have to be in place instead I dunno.

I totally had to borrow coffee off someone this morning and my neighbour was very kind and gave me a wee tub of what I think is Nescafe Azera, well it’s the powdered instant coffee so it’s like maybe really expensive and tastes great but it’s not the same as the coffee out of my espresso maker, it totally makes the milk frothy and everything, it’s like super duper cofee maker and guess what it cost me like £30 on gumtree and they’re also over £200 brand new so it’s like a bargain dude and also I ran out of milk cos I used it all for ice cream so all I had left over was heavy cream (we call that double cream in Scotland btw or coo juice), so I totally frothed that up in the milk frother and using just a wee bit it turned out okay in the coffee… if you’ve ever tried putting cream straight into coffee like milk it tastes rank and doesn’t mix well, adding a little water and frothing it up is kinda nice though, not too heavy on the tongue.

My new flyers arrive today, it’s the first mail drop I’ll be doing for SimpleFix IT & related organisations in the local area and I’ve got 3000 houses to hit with the flyers. I’ll be using GPS trackers with the mail drop to map out where’ mails’ been dropped and view it on a large display, then I’ll be able to re-route the remaining mail drop according to the map and where’s easiest to follow on the main route. Therefor I will literally use no further planning than this other than giving the go ahead to the mail droppers to initiate the drop and begin anywhere they want and walk any way from there, so long as it’s tracked and the mail goes through the door then I can plan the next step easily on from the infomation based on the maps data.

Got this sweet ass pen too!

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