I first became pescatarian around 2014 at sixteen, then later vegetarian after enduring months of devil’s advocate from my brother about the hypocrisy of eating fish but not meat. I remember vividly that it was my mum’s steak pie that pushed me over the edge. I thought I could make out pieces of the cow’s insides from forking through what was on my plate. Who wants pieces of cow kidney or lung on their plate? It was the first time I thought of these creatures as being alive. I lost my appetite.

My transition to veganism was around the following year. One of the biggest surprises was the difference in reaction I got between “I’m vegetarian” to “I’m vegan”. It was as if you were declaring yourself scientologist. Passing down meat is fine but to refuse egg or milk is nonsensical or batshit crazy. People would recoil, immediately demand a justification or just jump straight to their justification of why eating meat is actually good.

Another reaction would be making jokes, some of which were okay but most of which not worth remembering. There are some good ones though and I can suggest @vegansarcasm if you’re on Instagram. They make some decent vegan memes and don’t post ads.

Now in 2021. I found that veganism is becoming much easier. Oat milk has gone mainstream and there is an endless variety of frozen meat alternatives. Most restaurants are offering a vegan alternative (in the Uk at least) and veganism as a whole is just generally becoming more socially acceptable. I have faith that this will continue and that this website can be a part of that.

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Blog author: Matt