okay soooo straight up a half and half vegeterian and canivore meat dish, it’s well not as bad as that it’s just a little bacon and cheese tortellini and some spinach and ricotta tortellini… Okay so I Dream of Vegan is where I want to be Vegan, live vegan and not eat anything produced from a living being….

So this is perfect to eat for a transition from a diet containing meat and it’s delicious and like most of the food featured in I Dream of Vegan it’s of course from Asda, it’s on £2.50 for 2 packets which feeds four people… or 2 meals for me….

And sooooooo there’ s a tiiiiny amount of Lurpack on the pasta too, I Dream of Vegan is aiming towards the Vegan lifestyle not quite there yet…..

I think I’m cutting down to eating one meal a day as well because I keep getting ill during the night an I think it’s because two or three meals is too much for me, so like as long as I eat say once per day a fair serving and then maybe only eat a snack where I’m hungry!

I like my tortellini pasta with a soy cappuccino, okay so that’s a bit more vegan

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