delicious delicous delicious soooooop! yummy just a straightforward veg some onion, 4 spring onions, a bit of leek, some rice (using Asda Long Grain Micro Rice for ease of time and such a convenience cooing only 2 mins and perfect for 3 bowls of this soup), and couple of stock cubes – okay cheated at this one I put a chicken stock cube in as well as yummy vegetable stock cube but the soups all vegan right! So I’m at least at the stage where I ‘coomfortable eating vegatables without any meat in it, truth its like ripping through flesh when I’m eating chicken and that’s not a nice feeling to experience , so I am preferring these foods and will stick to try an all vegetarian diet moving forward so vegan is something I can easily adapt to, no eating anything produced by an animal or an living creature alive or dead or otherwise right? But anyways it’s my preference now.. check out my photo’s of making a vegetable soup… Also ther’es such a small amount of unusable produce that goes to the bin, fits in the palm of your hand, but makes 3 bowlfuls of soup…

Adding more to the mix….

Okay so it reached the end of the 28 minutes cycle it takes in this soup maker by Morphy Richards to cook a chunky souppppp (weeiiird because a smooth and blended soup takes only 21 minutes which you’d expect to take longer) and it wasn’t enough in the mix, it was really watery so I’ve added some Great Scot Lentils and set it on another 28 minute cooking cycle, this will ensure a really smooth taste to the vegetables which will be perfectly soft and the addition of the lentils will cook within 10 minutes as well… usually I’d use Great Scot broth mix but it takes 24 horus soaking in water in a cool environment tho so that means being prepared!

yum the finished soup with couple of sandwiches to eat alongside.

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