So uhmm today we got a new 3D printer, it’s been keeping me going fo rth elast 2 days just thinking of unpacking it and printing something off when it arrives!

urgh my new vape pods arrived and i didn’t realise they don’t have coils in them! So I have to order them now and I’m not bothered in the slightest about the cost or wait as it’s next day, it’s the fact they don’t tell you when you buy them that you need coils as well! Simply add this so I know to buy them at the same time man!

I’m using the SMOK RPM 2 which is excellent for a first time vaper like me, so it’s pretty decent, small and fits in the palm of your hand, funky colour choice – my personal fav is purple rainbow! It has an easy adjust power button -up and down that simple for a flavourful burst of your favourite liquid. It charges with a USB C connection, so a USB to a PC, Laptop or wall charger will work okay, as for the pods! See above lol, it comes witgh 2 pods and they alraedy have the coils in them. Battery takes about 1hr-1hr30min dep on if you use it during that time and what type of charging outlet you’re using.

My online SHOP has SMOK RPM 2 vapes and we also stock vape juices/liquids including nicotine free!


Ahh so I’ve also been setting up my Raspberry Pi as a wireless access point with a web filter, as people ask me occasinaly for use of the wifi (fuck knows why when we’re all on 4g or 5g connections with data bundles now… maybe people are using my wifi to donwload things and save on data, or maybe analyzing my network who knows!!)

So I’m playing with the 3D printer and I’ve already realised I made my print to small for requirement (I’m printing a custom case for my Vapouriser.. yes in the shape of a lightsaber lol) So I’ve cancelled the first print, but here’s the result of what came out before that, it’s supposed to be the bottom cap of luke Skywalkers lightsaber.

So yeah it’s muy excellent so far, a bit of adjusting the model size in the provided slicer software and away we go, oh and I made parts hollow on the hilt so the printing would take less time and the vape case would be lighter, hey we’ll see how it turns out, I have a feeling the dimensions are sstill off so give me a bit of time (this prints taking 5hrs 30 mins), and I’ll probably print off what I’ve already made as the next model, didn’t measure it I just made it large as fuck and figured I’ll stuff the parts that are too big with something till I measure it exactly to spec.. I’m only getting to understand the slicer software so give me time rofl.

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